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ePGA for Acne


Assessment of acne severity made easy and quick



What is the electronic Physician Global Assessment for Acne?


The Physician Global Assessment (PGA) is a 5- or sometimes 6-point scoring system used to assess the severity of Acne. The terms physician or investigator global assessment (IGA) may be used interchangeably. PGA is used as a global static assessment of all lesions and gives a general impression of the disease severity or improvement of acne over time. The PGA was originally developed to assess the disease severity within clinical trials and is one of the standard parameters collected to assess the treatment success. In recent time, PGA is more commonly used in clinical practice as one of several parameters to guide treatment decisions for physicians and document the impact of the clinical treatment over time. 

How to use the PGA for Acne?


The PGA should only be used by trained physicians. PGA for acne is measured by the number and severity of skin impurities (incl. comedones, papules and pustules) and ranges from clear (0), almost clear (1), mild (2), moderate (3), to severe (4). Each severity grade is distinctly defined by a relevant morphologic description to ensure comparability of PGA scores between health care providers and over time.  


The ePGA for Acne


The ePGA enables physicians for a quick and easy objective assessment of the severity of acne from the perspective of the treating physician using defined criteria.

Following you can find the versions of the ePGA for Acne

epgaforacne pdf
epgaforacne pdf or


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ePGA is straightforward to use, thanks to the clear morphological description of the severity states.

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Save your time with ePGA. In only few minutes you can get your PGA score without doing any calculations.

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Put an end to wasting paper and store all your patient data in an online platform. Results can be shared via email.

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The ePGA is recommended by international guideline associations for an accurate measure of severity of the dermatological disease.

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The ePGA is always a couple of touches or clicks away, available on desktop, tablet, phone and other devices.

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The PGA is available in various languages, so choose the one you prefer and forget about language barriers.

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